Brain Imaging Submission

Participating sites will be given various options for which they upload participant brain images to ALZ-NET. For now, images can be uploaded via ACR TRIAD (Transfer of Images and Data).  TRIAD is an application that will serve as the data uploader for imaging exams and accompanying reports. TRIAD meets FDA regulatory requirements for use in clinical trials; it is compliant with Title 21 CFR Part 11. See additional information about the TRIAD information transmission software

At this time, image upload is the responsibility of the participating dementia care site and its designated staff. Site personnel who are registered for ALZ-NET can access ACR TRIAD by signing in with their ACR ID. For information or assistance on the ACR ID, please contact

TRIAD Access and Image Submission Instructions

  1. Ensure that you have activated your ACR ID. If you have not, please email
  2. Register for a TRIAD user account by following the instructions directly below. A member of the ALZ-NET Operations Team will approve your account once submitted successfully.

    1. Navigate to the TRIAD website and click on 'login with ACR ID'. 
    2. Once logged in, click on 'Site User.'
    3. Enter your site into 'Site Name.' You can also search by using your ALZ-NET Site ID.
    4. The ALZ-NET Trial Number is 4709.
    5. Click 'continue'
    6. Review the information on the next page for accuracy and then click 'Submit'. (note: your Site name should have ' - ALZ-NET' next to it)

  3. Install TRIAD using this link:
  4.  Review the image upload instructions.

ACR Image Submission Support

Tech support is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm ET

Contact by phone: 1-703-390-9858

Contact by email:

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